Giant Jenga



Giant Jenga available for hire


This is a completely interactive game, with as many players as you like. Try to set a new record height!

Capture the best expressions from your guests as they hold their breath getting that next wobbly piece out.

The solid wooden pieces stand almost 2 metres in a carefully stacked game.

Guaranteed hours of fun and nervous giggles!


How to Play Jenga

Players: Multiple


Age Group: 8 and up (or really tall 7 year olds)

Objective:¬†You have a tower of wooden blocks. Each three blocks form a level. The objective of the game is to construct as many supplementary levels as possible. To do this, you have to select blocks from the middle or the bottom of the tower. Take them out, and place them on the top of the tower. Don’t make fall the tower by placing the new woods on the top! Keep the balance of the tower!

Average Play Time : 5 – 35 mins per play, less in windy conditions

Recommended for: All party types

Additional Requirements: Soft flat surface, carpet or grass, suitable indoor and outdoor, does not fare well in windy weather


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