Jumbo Scrabble


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Put your word skills to the test in this family classic, just bigger!

Great for your more intellectual guests, and educational for the kids!

You’ll never know what to expect!

Forget about trying to focus too, every spectator will be trying to “help” you win.


How to Play Scrabble

Players : Two

Age Group: 12 and up

Objective: Win as many points from words created

The games begins: Without looking into the tile bag, each of the Scrabble players takes one tile out of the tile bag. Whichever player has the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet goes first. A blank tile is considered better than an “A”. These tiles are placed into the bag once more.

Starting the game, each player begins their turn by drawing seven tiles apiece from the bag. The player can do one of three things on a turn. The player can place a word, exchange tiles or pass. Most of the time, the player will take the option of playing a word.

Exchanging tiles allows a player to replace anywhere between one and all of the tiles on the player’s rack. If this option is taken, the player cannot do anything else that hand. Therefore, a tile exchange cannot be performed on a turn when the player places a word on the board.

A player may pass at any time. If all player’s pass twice in a row, then the game ends.

The First Word Score

A player begins the game by placing a word on the star square at the center of the board. This star acts as a double word score. The star cell does not act as a double word score for subsequent players playing off the center square.

Play continues in a clockwise direction around the Scrabble board.

Replacing Scrabble Tiles

When a player places tiles on the Scrabble board, that player draws new tiles from the tile bag, adding until that player’s number of tiles equals seven. The player must not look at the tiles when choosing new ones. Tile selection is usually done by holding the bag above the eye line, then reaching into the bag to add tiles one by one.

The Fifty Point Bonus

When a player is able to place all seven tiles from the tile rack on the board at the same time, that player receives a 50 point bonus. In end game scenarios, when the players hold less than the standard seven tiles, a player does not get the 50 point bonus for using all the tiles on the rack.

The End of a Scrabble Game

When all of the tiles have been taken from the bag and one player has used all of the tiles on their rack, then the game ends.

Tallying Scrabble Scores

Once the game has ended, each player counts the points on the tiles left remaining in their rack. Each player has that number deducted from their final score.

The player who ended the game and who therefore has no more tiles remaining is given an added bonus. Add the total of all points of all remaining players with tiles left on their racks. This number is added to the final score of the player who is “out” of tiles.

The Scrabble player with the highest score after all final scores are tallied wins.

Accepted Scrabble Words

Players may place any word which can be found in a standard English language dictionary. Official Scrabble dictionaries also can be found in bookstores and online.

Types of words which cannot be used are abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes. Words that require a hyphen or an apostrophe cannot be played. Words that are spelled with a capital letter cannot be used.

Generally speaking in an English-language game of Scrabble, foreign words cannot be placed on the Scrabble board. If those words appear in a standard English dictionary, then the word is allowable. This is because the word is spoken often enough by native English-speakers that it has become a part of the English language.


Average Play Time : 25 – 60+ mins per play

Recommended for: Outdoor parties, Indoor parties

Additional Requirements: Grass or carpet areas


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