Giant Connect 4


Giant Connect 4 available for hire

Our sturdy Connect 4 sets are made of wood and have a classy vintage look, making them the perfect Giant Game for your wedding or lawn party!

It is one of our most popular choices in lawn games, and will have your guests coming back for more. Completely versatile, Connect4 is the perfect game indoors or outdoors. Guaranteed fun for kids aged 7 to 107.

 The Connect four stands 94cm high, 114cm long and the legs are 30cm wide at the base, when set up during a game.

If you decide on the pick up option, it usually fits in the space between the front and rear seats of most vehicles. . Otherwise, please ask for a quote for delivery and we can come to you.


How to Play Connect4

Players : Two

Age Group: 7 and up (and smartypants aged 4-7)

Objective: Connect four of one’s own discs of the same color next to each other vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in one of each of the 4 corners before your opponent.


Connect4 wins

Average Play Time : 5 – 10 mins per play

Recommended for: All party types

Additional Requirements: Appropriate vehicle if opting for pick up, Suitable for indoor/outdoor use, space for play


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