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Croquet is believed to have its origins in 17th-century palle-maille, a game often played in London’s Pall Mall. It has been said that only tobacco smoke spread faster through the British Empire. Croquet was the first outdoor sport to embrace equality, allowing both sexes to play the game on an equal footing.

Similar to mini-golf, but with the added fun of pushing your opponent’s balls out of the way!

The setup for croquet is fairly simple, it requires only an open field and a croquet set comprised of two stakes, nine wickets, along with a couple of mallets and balls.


How to play Croquet


Players : Two – Six, split into two teams

Age Group: 8 and up 

Objective: Pass a ball through all the wickets in the correct order, obliterating your opponent along the way

  1. Setup the stakes (with four colours) at either end of the play area.
    Place the wickets according to the diagram.
  2. Splitting into two teams, toss a coin to determine who goes first.
  3. The first player takes the BLUE ball, and places it next to the stake.
    Using the mallet, the player aims to hit the ball through as many wickets as possible in the below order:
  4. Each wicket passed wins the player 1 bonus stroke
  5. The turn is over, when the player misses the wicket and has no more strokes
  6. The next player takes the RED ball, places it next to the stake and takes their shot.
  7. Play continues in this manner for the remaining black and yellow balls.

If you hit your opponent’s ball you get 2 bonus strokes! 



Average Play Time : 15 – 30 mins per play

Recommended for: Outdoor parties

Additional Requirements: Grassy, relative flat terrain, soft ground for stakes


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