Ten Pin Bowling


Ten Pin Bowling Set available for Hire

Even a little bit of skill and a lot of luck can win the game of Ten Pin Bowling!

Our ten-pin bowling set provides realistic action on any hard surface, indoors or out. Comes with regulation size poly pins (approx 40cm). The hollow rubber ball is well weighted at 5lbs and safe on all floors. Features a 3-finger span to accommodate little-sized hands as well.


How to Play Ten- Pin Bowling

Players : Multiple

Age Group: 6 and up

Objective: Knock down all pins with bowling ball

The bowler is allowed 10 frames in which to knock down pins, with frames one (1) through nine (9) being composed of up to two rolls. The tenth frame may be composed of up to three rolls: the bonus roll(s) following a strike or spare in the tenth (sometimes referred to as the eleventh and twelfth frames) are fill ball(s) used only to calculate the score of the mark rolled in the tenth.

Bowling has a unique scoring system which keeps track not only of the current pinfall in a frame, but also strikes and spares which allow for the value of subsequent pinfall. Effectively, there are three kinds of marks given in a score; a strike (all ten down in the first ball), a spare (all ten down by the second ball), and an open (one or more missed pins still standing after the second ball). A strike earns ten points plus the points for the next two balls thrown. (For example, if a player got a strike then followed with a 7 then 2, their value for the strike frame would be 10+7+2, or 19.) A spare earns ten points plus the points for the next ball thrown. (Again, if a player gets a spare then follows it with 7 pins down on the first ball of the next frame, their value for the spare frame would be 10+7, or 17.) Open frames count the value of the pinfall in that frame only. (Example: if a player knocks down 5 on their first ball and 3 on their second, the open frame would be worth 8 points.) The maximum score in ten-pin bowling is 300. This consists of getting 12 strikes in a row in one game (one strike each in frames 1–9, and all three possible strikes in the tenth frame), and is also known as a perfect game.

Informal game : Just forget about keeping score and see how many strikes you can get! 

Average Play Time : 25 – 45+ mins per play, <1min for informal game

Recommended for: Outdoor parties, Indoor parties

Additional Requirements: Flat, long area, must include artificial grass hire for cement areas


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